Polished Concrete

Standard Honed Finish

We have tried to create the best and least expensive way to determine this and allow you the client to decide at each grinding stage either to continue to grind or to choose an alternative flooring style.
Our reasoning for this system is simple, until we do the first machine diamond grind at 30/40grit we are unable to determine how the exposed floor may look. At this stage the floor is perfectly prepared for either tiling, vinyls or carpeting with an acceptable level of cost.
Once we have agreed that you are happy with the exposure and can see the possibilities we can then do the next pass with machine diamond grind at 60grit and grouting liquid, this removes less surface material whilst filling small holes, air bubbles and small surface imperfections whilst removing the scoring created by the 30/40grit. Once again we can give you the option to leave this as the finished product prior to sealing if you are happy with the finer scratches.
If you require a glossier finish we can then do a pass with machine diamond grind at 120grit this will bring the floor up to the standard finish. We can than coat the floor with a topical sealer in your choice of satin or gloss.

Hiper Floor ™ Finish

Hiper floor is a system devised by Husqvarna and is a style designed to give a high gloss dustless floor finish similar to terrazzo as seen in shopping centres.
This process follows the same start up as the standard finish described above. The surface of the concrete is treated with Husqvarna hiperhard water based concrete hardener, this produces a homogenously hardened surface and creates a non-dusting floor. We continue polishing via progressively finer stages of resin bond diamond tools to achieve desired surface gloss. We than apply protection using Hiperguard to enhance water and stain resistance of floor

Burnished or Polished Finish

Polishing of concrete is the result of machining existing concrete surfaces with 50 grit resin bond diamond tools to enhance the textures of concrete without diamond grinding to expose stone. This is best done on floors that have been machine finished to a smooth top finish can be left natural or clear coated with a topical sealer

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