Epoxy Floors

Epoxy Flake floors have Decorative paint flakes incorporated in a seamless epoxy floor system and are a great alternative to other types of floor/wall coverings. The paint flakes are colourful, tough, non-slip, low maintenance, seamless, durable and hygienic for floor and wall surfaces in commercial, industrial and domestic areas.

Great for use in:

• Schools
• Showrooms
• Offices
• Clinics
• Shops
• Garages
• Workshops
• Factories
• Laboratories
• Driveways
• Laundries
• Patios
• Supermarkets
• Petrol stations
• Corridors
• Homes

We also have a range of PU Cement and epoxy products that give you a solid colour epoxy finish for the harshest of working environments.

For more information regarding our epoxy coatings, please contact us via phone or email.