Quality concrete grinding services in Hervey Bay and the surrounding areas

With the right tools, concrete can be shaped in any way you desire. If you need a hole drilled, a section removed, or any other type of concrete manipulation, give Fraser Coast Concrete Sawing a call. We come to you from Hervey Bay and provide precision concrete grinding, cutting, and drilling services.

With experience, a dedication to efficiency and accuracy, and hassle-free services, Fraser Coast Concrete Sawing is the team to call.

  • Floor Sawing, Diesel or 3 Ph Electric to a depth of 390mm concrete and asphalt
  • Core Drilling, Electric or Hydraulic to a diameter of 600mm
  • Hand Sawing, Petrol, Electric and Hydraulic
  • Ring Sawing, to a depth of 260mm
  • Chain Sawing, petrol and hydraulic to a depth of 600mm
  • Soff Cutting, expansion joints for domestic and engineered slabs
  • Scarifying, correct trip hazards, remove tile cements etc
  • Tile and vinyl removal, self drive machine for fast removal
  • Floor Grinding, glue removal to full HiPERFLOOR™ finish
  • Floor Finishes, Epoxy, Seamless Flake and Dustless finishes available
  • Seamless epoxy to cold room floors
  • Supply and installation of fixed and removable bollards
  • Supply and installation of rubber speed control humps
Hilti PS 1000 X-scan

We have recently invested in the Hilti PS 1000 X-Scan. This new detection system provides clear 2D and 3D images of nearly all types of images concealed in concrete structures. This means a non-destructive method of concrete structure inspection is now available.

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